This blue print contains only what can be done within four years for IHIALA II Constituency in the light of our realities. However, I strongly believe that it addresses the genuine yearnings of our people, for it is an articulation of our common potentials, needs and hope. It focuses on how to realise the best potentials of every man, woman, youth, and child in the Eleven (11) wards that make up Ihiala II. My strong belief in this manifesto is a product of the keen observations and wide consultations that were made before it was articulated.  On the basis of the promise contained in this agenda, I Divine Onyekachi Ngobidi; wish to represent Okija-Ebonesie in Anambra State House of Assembly. 
In my aspiration, I had thought it was merely a product of my love for my people, not until I made a purposeful tour of almost all the communities that make up our constituency. During my visitation, I interviewed many people and then became aware of two things. First, the synergy between representative and people seems not to be adequate enough to offer our Constituency what she deserves. Second, if the legislative representative of Okija -Ebonesie becomes more alive to the critical responsibilities of legislation, representation and oversight, then the Constituency would become better than it is today.
Moreover, coupled with my BA in Linguistics and Communication Studies degree, i obtained Chartered in Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM), and M.Sc in school of Legislatives and Diplomatic Studies(MLDS) University of Benin. Which has given me the opportunity to gain practical knowledge of the rudiments and challenges of the legislative arm of government in carrying out its vital responsibilities, and has also enabled me to be involved in drafting of bills and motions to other law makers in the National Assembly. 
Although, Our constituency has evolved beyond the dark, ominous days of our history, a lot still needs to be done for us to realise our fullest potentials. Unemployment and illiteracy still have significant figures in our statistics. Empowerment and Health Services in our constituency are still poor for us to strongly affirm that we are now enjoying the dividends of democracy.
Our state’s economy has been set on the path of economic development and it is only wise that we consolidate that achievement through purposeful legislations. We will collaborate with the state executive government to bring development to Okija-Ebonesie and embark on series of legislations that will be directed toward the structural readjustment for economic buoyancy in the state and Ihiala in particular. Yes, we can achieve this. We can have laws that reflect the interest of the good people of Ihiala.
We will establish Constituency Developmental Trust Fund (CDTF) which shall be a development association with branches in each of the Towns that make up our constituency. The mandate of CDTF shall be dual fold. First, it would regularly engage the people in conversations/dialogue on their needs and aspirations. Second, it would be a forum for appealing for sponsorship for empowerment and developmental programmes both from the government and private individuals. 
We will sponsor bills that will address the challenges of agricultural production in Our constituency. There is therefore the need to contemplate and reflect on how to re-order our agricultural investment priorities, with a view to consolidate and establish policies and infrastructural facilities that will actualise the most latent of our agricultural potentials. I intend also to monitor, through the platform of oversight, the execution of agricultural laws, policies, and programmes.
Constituency Office, I believe that good representation has to do with a constant rapport with the electorates. This is because human needs are dynamic and could sometimes be misunderstood. Many representatives have been ineffective neither because they lack the skills nor the will to address the plight of their people, but simply because they are cut off from the changing realities of their people. To adequately represent the good people of Okija-Ebonesie, I intend to get a modern office complex for the constituency within my first year in office. This complex shall have three basic apartments: an office where I would occasionally / personally receive advice and complaints (directly) from my constituents; an office for the staff of the constituency whose primary duty shall be to register the wishes, ideas and complaints of the people, and; a conference room where meetings and briefings would be held from time to time to discuss the needs and aspirations of the constituency. 
In any society where there is leadership failure, perhaps oversight instruments are not well utilised. Upon realisation of this, I intend to carefully utilise the oversight instrument in ensuring that the executive and the judicial arms of government are alive and alert to their responsibilities. Most of what is contained in this manifesto may not be achieved without a strong commitment to rebuild and rebrand our human capital. This is why I intend to initiate two major programmes geared at the development of our manpower. The first programme would be called, “Need For Education (NFE).” NFE would have five basic goals. First, it would regularly embark on mass sensitisation of our people on the importance of education. Second, it would be a platform to access information on local and international scholarship schemes. Third, it would be a platform for philanthropists and organisations to invest in scholarship. Fourth, it would seek scholarship opportunities on behalf of our people. Fifth, it would monitor and supervise the distribution of scholarship/educational resources.  
The time has come for us to understand that government is a continuum and that every government policy must be an addition to our collective efforts towards our development march. Times for project abandonment have passed. I intend to sponsor, among other appropriation related bills, a bill that will reduce greatly the issue of project abandonment, especially on Road construction. This bill will have two goals. First, it will ensure that every public project emanates from and addresses the genuine needs of the people for whom it is initiated. Second, it will ensure that once a project is embarked upon it will not be abandoned.
Women Development and Primary Health Care
The current wave of campaigns for the increased participation of women in political activities is a strategic movement in our history. I intend to sponsor special bills and policies that would support women not just in politics but also in the economic and cultural spheres. Women constitute a significant percentage of our population, and they have knowledge and skills that would improve our democratic drive. To keep them out of our social synergy is to deprive ourselves of the energy and knowledge that would be gotten from that fragment of our society. Realities today point to the fact that for us to realise our potentials as a people, we have to harness all our resources. We must, therefore, reform those institutions and laws that deprive women the opportunity to contribute to our political, economic and cultural development. 
The time has come for us to appreciate that access to health services is a fundamental human right. This is because health is not just wealth, but it is everything else – education, freedom, association, employment, among others. A man whose health is failing him would definitely fail in everything else. Our health care system, therefore, must be taken seriously, and the government needs to step up its efforts in the area of the provision of health services in our Constituency. Through special health bills/motions I shall draw and sustain the attention of the government at both the state and local level to our healthcare needs. Among other needs, the urgent need for rehabilitation of Okija General hospital;  Through a framework of Public-Private Partnership (PPP), this project and other projects would be easily achieved.
I wish to use this opportunity to remind us that the decisive nature of politics on our fate as a people requires that no matter what we feel about politics today, we must try to take active part in it. Because it is only through our conscious participation in politics that we can address the flaws in the body of our political life. For those of us that have, of course, for good reasons, developed apathetic tendencies, I beg you that the stakes are too high for us to abandon our right to reorder our future whose seeds are inherently in our today.  Therefore, I say arise Okija, arise Ebonesie for the time has come for us to march into our glorious destiny. All we need is DIVINE.
Together – Together 
        Anyi – Anyi
-Divine O. Ngobidi