A people are at their best when the connection between them is strong and when a clear sense of purpose has been achieved. Today the challenges facing Ihiala Local Government Area, and Nigeria by extension are immense. The political system has betrayed the youth and broken the hearts of the old. The time has come to depart from the old order, and embrace change; a true and effective representation that would restore hope, and enhance the enthronement of a responsible government. There is no problem too great that a committed and dedicated group of people cannot overcome.
This coming election avails Ihiala another golden opportunity for a new beginning, to foster harmonious communities, and effect a candid representation. By building a close partnership and agreement with the constituents; cos it’s only when both parties agree to move their communities forward, that it changes for the better. This is the change that Ihiala has yearned for, and can make; It can provide answers on how to deal with unemployment, issues of security, revitalization of social services, education and healthcare, through an effective legislation.
• Together, we will witness the changes and the advances that our communities are in desperate need of. 
• Together as a collective unit and entity, the people of Ihiala can begin to lay claim to better education, healthcare and social services. 
• Together, we will begin to create opportunities for employment, open the door to new ideas, better government and representation. 
• Together, as a people, we can face our challenges. 
So, I candidly appeal to you to partner with me on this new, and restoring journey for Ihiala; thus we shall be riding on two-points agenda:
1. Employment Generation:
We will reduce the number of unemployed people in Ihiala especially the youths, by championing and advancing practical and sensible policies that will open Ihiala to trade and investment opportunities; that establishes key infrastructure, and this will be a major priority on my agenda for the Ihiala people.
We are at risk of raising a lost generation of young people without necessary skills if we fail to take the necessary steps, we shall get young people to work and be part of Federal Government’s Vision 2020, and it will be an essential part of my agenda for Ihiala youths.
We will support and create legislation that will promote work programmes for Ihiala youths, we will assist within our barest capacity the people seeking employment, and create bonds between the public & private sectors to trigger employment opportunities.
In addition, establish various training programmes for the unemployed to further their skills and create their own wealth through Community Work Clubs(CWC); an avenue where people looking for work can gather together to exchange skills, find opportunities, make useful contacts and provide mutual support. Government at every level exist to assist, and we will make and support legislation that would redeem the unemployed in our communities.
2. Education, Health and Social Services 
If we must equip and re-position our youths to meet the challenges of time and modernity; to be employable, then access to quality education, healthcare and social services must improve. We will support legislation that will boost teaching in local communities. Attract the private sector to Health, Education & Social Services in the Local Communities. Ensure good health & adequate reward of social services to improve the quality of delivery. Encourage Health Professionals to suggest better ways to improve local community health care delivery. Consequently engage the State government, to their responsibility pledges especially in advancing the Ihiala Interest.
Our people have been cut out of the governing process for too long, election periods shouldn’t be the only avenue that constituents will be involved in government, and it shouldn’t be the only time that politicians would seek their constituents, we are here to change that narrative. Rebuilding trust in your representation; that entails the transparency of leadership for the betterment of the people, to achieve this if elected, I shall publish a periodic data on the governance of Ihiala. Again, I shall push forward for discussion within the units of Ihiala constituency any bill that directly affects the communities. Hold regular town hall meetings with my constituents to determine what the relevant and immediate issues are. To ensure the efficacy of feedbacks, I hope to keep an open door policy, encourage constituents to direct their problems to me via viable channels on real time social networking forums and social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc as well as the traditional media, and the Constituency Office.
So, I believe the only way the people of Ihiala can move forward is to do so together, as a people and as a representative of the people I will make sure I will walk and lead only where my people can follow and only where my people have agreed to follow. I believe that representation can only be complete, when there are open channels of communication and information between the constituents and their representatives,
Finally, a community cannot be economically and socially prosperous if it inhabitants do not feel safe, it affects the quality of life and limits the extent to which a community can liberate itself, I will create and support legislation that will establish more Police presence in local communities, encourage community-volunteer groups on security, ensure the swiftness and response of security agencies to sensitive information from the public. 
This among other things are my Legislative agendas, and as your representative I will be committed to listen to your most pressing concern, and we, collectively shall begin to make our community a better and promising place to stay, live and be proud of. This is how I will legislate, this is how I will lead and represent.
Yours Obedient Servant, 
Amb. Divine Onyekachi